This location is about 1 mile from the closest interstate highway, so just exit the interstate make a couple turns and you are there.

Call 303-431-4297 for current availability.

We sell parking spaces, and we charge by the space - not by the foot.
You need to store a 19' boat but the trailer tongue is 3 feet more and the motor is another 2 feet so in reality, your 19-foot boat takes up 24 feet. The closest space we will have is 25 feet.
The final storage length is the total length of the unit including spare tires, generators, bicycles, or anything that takes up space.

All units must be conventional type units, less than 15 years old.
We reserve the right to refuse any unit if not in good condition.
Since everyone has a niche these days ours is storing vehicles of a recreational nature. We do not allow any storage of vehicles used for business purposes or anything other than standard recreational uses. We also do not allow older vehicles over 15 years old to move in. It has been our experience that older vehicles tend to be neglected and some have been forgotten by the owners when the owner left the state. Simply put I do not need an old RV with no title.

Yearly Rate is Monthly X 11

Back In spaces
  • 20 Foot Back In $65
  • 25 Foot Back In $75
  • 30 Foot Back In $80
  • 36 Foot Back In $90
  • 40 Foot Back In $95
  • 45 Foot Back In $105
  • 75 Foot Back In $135
  • 20 Foot Pull Through $80
  • 25 Foot Pull Through $90
  • 30 Foot Pull Through $95
  • 36 Foot Pull Through $105
  • 40 Foot Pull Through $110
  • 45 Foot Pull Through $120
  • 50 Foot Pull Through $120