Amenities and Perks


Yearly Prepay Discount Several Great Amenities Free RV / Boat Show Tickets Referral Fee


Yearly prepay discounts just pay for 11 months and the 12th one is on us.




Included in the rent is a dump station, air, water, access to electric, 24/7 access.




Security cameras at the Arvada location for keeping an eye on the whole storage area. Please note we cannot do some of the things you see on TV so please keep your valuables secure. Burglars hate nosy neighbors, with as many people coming and going here every day just look around and ask yourself does that look right. With everything we do and some help from you, we can keep everybody’s rigs secure.




Every year we provide free tickets to the Colorado RV, Sports, & Travel show in the Denver area. This is the show usually at the end of February or early March. You can take the whole family on us. This way you can upgrade or plan a vacation or…

If you know anyone looking for RV Storage, have them call us. If they move in tell them to mention your name and we will send you $20.00 to play with.