Multiple space discounts

If you are paying for more than one full space you get a $5 discount on each additional space.

New Rules

Small accessory units

We are going to allow you to store one (1) additional small item in your space for a minimum fee of $15.
This item must be:
Some type of small totally empty trailer, trailers have wheels, license plates, lights, etc.
Some type of recreational equipment, canoe, kayak, etc.
A car dolly, ATV trailer, or a small accessory to your primary unit.
Recreational in nature, e.g. not a concrete mixer.
Part of your camping gear.
Flat or low profile so it fits at least partially under your existing unit.
Small enough so as not to encroach on another person’s space.
Placed in the space lengthwise in a normal manner.
Placed so as not to annoy your neighbor.

You cannot:

Place this small item at an angle, sideways, on end, or otherwise jam, stack, or pile your units together just to make them fit.
Jack one unit up on blocks just so you can stuff another item under it.
Put two 15 foot enclosed utility trailers in a 30-foot space.


New Enforcement

Except as specified above, your approved unit is the only thing allowed in your space on the ground except for the standard wheel chocks, small wooden, plastic, or concrete blocks that you park on and such.
Effective immediately
Unless you are on the property and actively loading or unloading your unit:
Anything that is stored on the ground must be removed, there are absolutely no exceptions for any reason.
You will receive one warning the first time we notice anything in your space on the ground. You are expected to remove the items right away. You will not receive any second notice even for a second offense at a separate time you will just be required to remove your unit from the property immediately.
This includes anything e.g. we have seen BBQ’s, tarps, covers, generators, coolers, trailer parts, Tupperware crates full of stuff, bags of trash, kids toys, bicycles, tents, household items, pallets, just to name a few items. If it is not in or on your unit it is not allowed.

New Procedures

Seasonal Storage Units

Some of you have units you want to swap out like Jet Skis for Snowmobiles
We are going to allow this we just need the paperwork for both units.
From the Menu, Select > Forms > Choose Facility > Move-in Form
The units must be equal to or less than the size of the space you are renting.

Unit Markings / Storage Stickers

For inventory purposes and so everyone can put their unit back into the proper space we need to mark your parking space number on your unit. To do this we need to attach a small aluminum adhesive label to every unit with your space number embossed into it. The only thing on the sticker will be your space number. This “sticker” will be about 1″ x 2″. It will be removable when you elect to move out. On towable units, we will place these on the tongue or pin box where they are somewhat protected from damage but still visible. On self-propelled units, we would like to put them on the face of the top entrance step where it is still visible when the steps are retracted. Hopefully, this will help everyone get the unit back into the proper space. Should there ever be an issue with your unit we can determine that right on the spot and contact the correct person promptly.