We only send invoices by email.

You may pay by any of the following methods:


Make payment to:
Colorado Signal Company Storage
3800 E 64th Ave.
Commerce City, CO  80022

Automatic recurring charge by credit/debit card

Upside this is automatic / Downside we have to have your card number
Your card number is securely stored in our QuickBooks accounting system
The system bills your card, not us, so we do not access your information after it is stored
You pick billing date and frequency we do everything else.
Complete the Credit Card Form
You will be emailed a monthly invoice showing PAID

Payment link on the invoice

Here you can keep your card number to yourself, perfectly fine with us.
You have to make the payment, but you can use alternate cards or bank accounts
without any additional paperwork
You will be emailed a monthly invoice showing balance due
Click the secure link contained in the email that connects to our payment gateway
Choose any major credit/debit/checking account