Broncos Ticket Policy

Dear customers,

As you may have recalled earlier this year certain tax laws changed.

One of those changes eliminated the business tax deductions for things like sporting events.

As some of you know from the past these are good seats and they are not cheap.

And as with all things business, there needs to be a measurable business advantage.


One of the things we do is reserve some tickets for persons with developmental disabilities, living on a very limited income, and in a designated program that we have worked with for many years.

We are going to continue to provide free tickets to this special needs community of our choice.

The downside is the remaining tickets for the Bronco games can no longer be offered for free.

We will continue to offer free tickets to the Colorado RV, Sports, & Travel Show in March. You will be contacted separately for this event.


Now back to the Broncos, to still keep this as a perk for storing in our yard we are going to offer the tickets for sale to you our customers in the ARVADA YARD only.

We think this will give you a better chance of getting the tickets at a reasonable price than purchasing the tickets online.

So the plan is (and this may change in the future if we have overlooked some details but for) this year:

We will offer the tickets to customers at our cost, plus a minimum additional bid of $50.00 per ticket. The additional fee is to help offset the cost of the tickets provided to the special needs community.

As some tickets are more desirable to some folks than others you may offer a higher bid per ticket.

The tickets will go to the person offering the higher bid.

You may bid on 2 tickets to a single game at a time

The tickets will be offered to the person offering the highest bid for the 2 tickets.

This is a bid and is not an auction so it is a 1-time bid that you offer per set of 2 tickets.

Make your best bid when notified the tickets for a game are available.

The cut-off date for bids to each game will be 1 week prior to the game date.

Regardless of your success in obtaining tickets for one week, you may bid on any of the other game tickets.

To sign up for the list for Bronco games, click the link at the bottom of the page to sign up and agree to receive emails about this perk. This way we can communicate with you about the tickets and not annoy the non-Bronco fans.

To avoid confusion, you will get an email prior to each game and this will be the only game we will accept bids for at that time.

You will be notified if you were the successful bidder. You will be required to pay for the tickets immediately upon notification of a successful bid.

Our goal is that our customers get to go to the games. To dissuade folks from reselling these tickets for profit, the tickets will be transferred to your cell phone 24 hours prior to the game. You will need a smartphone. To see how this works, go to the Broncos website. We heard from the folks that have gone to preseason games and this process worked fairly well.

Remember all you have to do is sign up below once and we will keep you on the list until you decide to opt out.