Check this out. Vacancies Yes!

We are one of the few really nice RV storage facilities in the north metro area. We currently have a few vacancies, so please contact us. If we don't have exactly what you want right now you can add yourself to the waitlist. As soon as space is available we will contact you. If you have any questions we are always glad to speak with you.

What is so different about us. Well, we have been in the business of RV storage since the mid-1980s.
The management team each owns RV’s and we use them a lot, and we hear what people like and don't like.
So when designing an RV storage facility we knew what most people would want. For starters, we like
wide roads, wide parking spaces, clean yard without weeds, and easy 24/7 access.
This really is the place your RV wants to call home when you go home.

What is so different about us,

  • This is what we provide:
  • Nice neat clean location
    • This is not a junkyard. We do not store anything that is not operational.
    • Only units less than 15 years old are accepted, proof required.
    • We do not store:
      • Cars, Trucks, School buses, Construction equipment, Semi-trailers, and etc.
      • We reserve the right to refuse any unit.
      • We do not allow anyone to run a business out of our yard, unlike several other local storage facilities.
  • Weed Free Location
    • Weeds, none here, anywhere, ever.
    • No weeds = No rodents, snakes, or other creepy critters that crawl into your unit.
  • 100% recycled concrete surface.
    • Mud is eliminated by at least a foot of crushed concrete in all driveways and parking spots.
    • No sticky oily recycled asphalt that will track tar into your unit.
  • Space to move
    • Roads are large, far wider than you find elsewhere, plenty enough room to allow easy parking.
  • Amenities vary by location but they both provide:
    • Dump station with a very large concrete pad, and water.
    • Well lit location with the same street lights as used by the highway department.
    • 24/7 access to your unit.

We are actually two separately managed facilities.

For more information on a specific property please make a selection below.