Waiting or Change Space Lists

Yes we do have a Wait List and a To Do List


Our Policy
Existing Customers Request Have Priority
This is our customer To Do List (change spaces)


If you are an existing customer in either facility if you want to move to a different facility, space, or type of space, we will make accommodations for your request first, when they become available.

If you want to move you will need to move your unit within a short time after we notify you, unless you want to pay for both spaces.

Existing customers can call us let us know your situation and what you would like to do.

Please remember this in not a hotel many people have been with us for years so your ideal space may not be available for quite some time. If you are on the list and your space becomes available it is yours.

Wait List


This is for non customers


We are glad you want to store your unit with us and this is the best way to get into our facility.
If you request a space you are added to the list.
If one is available after we have accommodated our existing customers request we start calling those on the list in chronological order by size of unit.

We will call several people on the list and leave a message if we cannot actually speak with someone. The first person to call back will get the space. If you do not call back within 24 hours you will be removed from the list. All requests over 6 months old are usually removed otherwise the list would become unmanageable. Most people have found something within that time. If you really want to be in our facility check that on the form.

When you call dibs on the space you will have to pay for it to reserve it.

To get on the Waiting List please fill out this form