The Million Dollar Highway is One Route that’s Worth a Visit

02 January

By Dave Helgeson – Adventures in RVing Known as one of the top 10 scenic highways in the United States, The Million Dollar Highway is a must-do when traveling through the Colorado San Juan Mountains. However, RVers need to be aware that this is a mountainous road. It has steep grades, switchbacks, and lack of […]

How to Cope with Dust when Camping in the Desert

02 January

By Rene Agredano – The Full Timing Nomad Desert dry camping is one of those things that RVers either enjoy or despise. If you’re not sure you want to give it a whirl this snowbird season, these tips might help you decide. Coping with Desert Dry Camping Dust I’ve gone desert dry camping in many […]

RV Trends to Watch for in 2017

02 January

DECEMBER 16, 2016 Outdoor recreation is booming these days, and RV camping is a big part of it. In fact, RVing hasn’t been this popular since before the recession in the early 2000s. People of all backgrounds and ages are getting away to the outdoors, and the coming year is poised to be the Year […]

Motorhome Vs. Travel Trailer

03 December

Motorhome or travel trailer? If you are venturing out to buy your first RV, or maybe just an upgrade, you have probably already asked yourself that question. There are many advantages and some disadvantages to both. Mostly you need to decide what you want to use your RV to do and where to go and […]

RVing with Disabilities: Things to Consider

03 November

Oxygen and Dialysis to Go, Support Groups, and More By Michele Boyer People with disabilities haven’t let handicaps steal their lives when it comes to RVing and camping. If you thought your disabilities would prevent your from enjoying the adventures of RVing, you’re in for some very pleasant surprises. People with disabilities have been RVing […]

How To Winterize Your Unit

25 October

The warmer days of summer are over and you should winterize your RV. If you need someone to do this for you call Steve Feezer at 303-227-1448. He has very reasonable prices If you are going to be winterizing your RV on your own this year, the following are a few things that you should […]

Quick tips for the exterior care of your unit

23 October

Bugs and bird droppings on your paint, grillwork and windshield? Saturate the area with spray cooking oil, let it sit for 10 minutes then wash the windshield as usual. To remove salt deposits from a painted metal RV exterior, wash with a solution of baking soda and warm water. For extra heavy stains, make a […]

Fun Facts About RVs from dealer in Virginia

19 October

Did you know that you could save 23-50% on vacation costs by traveling in an RV? That’s just one fun fact that our RV dealer in Virginia has for you. Today we have a bunch of interesting facts that you may have never realized about your RV lifestyle or perhaps it’ll sway you to join […]

How to Protect Your Diesel In Cold Weather

03 October

(BPT) – As more manufacturers produce diesel vehicles for consumers, owners need to be aware of the issues that may occur during the cold winter months and learn how they can protect their vehicle. Gelling Cold weather can cause starting problems in diesel vehicles because the fuel tends to gel. Most consumers cannot control what […]

California Approves Legislation Resolving Fifth Wheel Length Issue

03 October

By: RV PRO Staff Thursday, October 10, 2013 California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law RVIA-backed legislation that clarifies the state vehicle code and will allow longer fifth wheel travel trailers in the state. RVIA, working closely with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the California Highway Patrol (CHP), and the RV Dealers […]

What Travel Trailers Can You Use in the Winter

03 September

Travel trailers typically aren’t designed for winter use. If suitability for winter camping is your primary consideration when it’s time to buy, look for trailers better adapted for cold weather use. Common sense dictates that you’ll want to stay warm, and you won’t want the pipes to freeze. A few extras go a long way […]

RV Quick Tips – Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels & Travel Trailers

03 September

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty with Your Screwdriver I am sure that nearly everyone who has used a screwdriver has, at one time or another, experienced the sinking feeling that occurs when the tool turns, but the screw in question does not. Phillips head screws seem to be the worst culprits. One way to […]

Lessons Learned From Full-Time RVing

03 September

By Jaimie Hall Bruzenak Our RV friend Lloyd wrote in his “Wanderin’ Blog” about lessons he’s learned as a full-time RVer. He has a good list. I especially like “don’t make reservations or commitments.” Inevitably, you’ll end up rushing and leaving a good place before you want to. It happened in the first month of […]

Fifth Wheel Hitches- Get Right Weight Distribution

03 September

By: RandyAJames A load delivery hitch should be used any time if the trailer weighs more than 50% of the mass of the vehicles. The tongue weight would become excessive at the point when it connects with the back of your vehicles. The tongue weight is the force weight of the trailer hitch approaching down […]

Fall Foliage RV Destinations

19 August

If you are planning a fall foliage trip with your RV, you might think your only good choices are confined to the Northeastern U.S., but that’s not true. There are great places to see autumn leaves all over the United States. Here are just a few RV destinations that you should try for leaf peeping. […]

RV Checklist: Pre-Trip Alarms and Protection Systems

03 August

Refreshing Your Safety Systems When Taking Your RV Out of Storage By Michele Boyer RV safety checklists wouldn’t be complete without checking your emergency and alarm systems. These would include your fire extinguishers and all internal alarms. RV Fire Extinguishers An RV fire is one of the fastest spreading and most totally destructive fires you […]

Ten Reasons To Retire To An RV

03 August

by RV Lifestyle Expert Author Retirement is the time for a simpler life and the chance to do things you didn’t have time for when working. Living the RV lifestyle in retirement has several advantages. Here are ten. Ten more reasons to retire to an RV 1. Live your retirement dreams. Are there places you’ve […]

Knowing The Significance Of RV Stabilizer

03 August

by TRACY NARVAEZ The primary purpose of RV stabilizer is to make trailers more stable. These tools can help hold the vehicle in place thus reducing movement. If the vehicle stays in place, you will be able to perform tasks inside the vehicle without much interruption due to unnecessary motion. If you own a trailer, […]

The Growing Popularity of RV Travel Trailers

03 August

By Emily J Jayden RV or recreational vehicle refers to a vehicle that has all or most of the amenities that are found in a home. These vehicles are quite useful for things such as leisure camping and long journey visits. Since their inception, recreational vehicles have continued to become very popular among many people. […]

Would you say “China” and “RV” in the same sentence?

03 August

Hardly a day goes by without some reference to China and the damage they are currently inflicting on the United States with less expensive, or flat out counterfeit, products knocked off from American-made products that once drove the powerful domestic manufacturing communities that once drove this great nation to prosperity. Economists and financial analysts are […]

The Workings of a Gooseneck Trailer

03 August

Gooseneck trailers and fifth wheel trailers have many advantages over the other types of trailers. They are not commonly used by towers though. These types of trailers are able to shoulder the weight of the trailer. The trailers are also safe during towing. Fifth wheel trailers have a design that has the pivot point placed […]

Camping Bloopers -Annoying RV Driving

23 July

1. Merging – Drivers that go slowly down the on-ramp blocking traffic and heading into traffic that is going really fast, that’s just not a good idea. 2. Stopping to stare at a car crash– Blocking traffic that is starting to pile up behind your RV for miles and miles, just so that you can […]

Basic Guide to RV Internet Access for RVers on the Road

20 July

by Steven Fletcher Giving up a foundation house for one with wheels, a motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel, generally means giving up easy reliable internet access. For most of us it is a matter of getting internet access wherever and however we can. Fortunately, RVers are are a resourceful group and have found creative […]

RV Accident – What to do Before You Have One

03 July

by Fran Crawford To some it may seem pointless to make advance preparations for an accident in your motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth wheel or another vehicle. An accident you may never have. You have always been a careful driver and are even more cautious when driving your motorhome or pulling your towable trailer. Even […]

RV AC Repair and Troubleshooting and RV Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

03 July

Today’s efficient rooftop RV air conditioners are made to provide many years of comfortable cooling as most are used during the hottest part of the year. If maintained properly, an AC is normally trouble free except for changing or cleaning the filter regularly. But like all appliances, an AC unit occasionally requires cleaning or even […]