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In this document the word us or we refers to either Aa Adults Toy Storage LLC. if you are in the Arvada lot or Colorado Signal Storage if you are in the Commerce City lot.

1. Rent must be paid up to date before unit is removed from the lot.
2. Your space is reserved for you, even if you move out, we do not know your intent so you are responsible for rent, and rent will continue to accrue at the current rate until you receive confirmation from us that we received your notice to vacate "I left a voice mail" is not acceptable, if you did we would call
3. If you sell the unit, your contract is terminated immediately and you must notify us (See item 2). You do not have the right to transfer any of the storage you paid for, to the new owner. The new owner must contact us if they wish to remain in this yard, otherwise they must remove the unit immediately.
4. No major repairs will be performed on the unit while in the lot.
5. Rent is due on the 1st. of each month and shall be paid in advance. Upon move-in portions of months will be prorated.
6. If you would like an invoice you must maintain a valid email address so invoices can be sent.
7. If your rent is past due, you may receive a phone call. When it is 15 days past due you may receive a notice at your last known address. You are responsible to keep us advised of your current address. When rent is 30 days past due, we will take whatever actions are necessary to satisfy the unpaid rent in question, which includes late payment fees and interest at the legal rate. This action could include legal processes, attorney's fees, collection expense and any expense incurred to collect the balance due, which will be at your expense.
8. Rent must be paid at the time you move in.
9. It is your responsibility to maintain insurance on your unit. We will provide lighting and fencing as security, but will not be responsible for theft, fire, or any other damages whatsoever.
10. Should you replace your unit please inform us immediately. New contract required see #11. If your new unit is larger than your current space you must move to a different space. If an adjustment in rent is in order it will become effective on the 1st of the next month.
11. Any vehicle not registered for the space it is in is trespassing, and will be towed immediately at the vehicle owner's expense. Exception: you may leave an operating street legal personal vehicle in the space while your motorhome is being used for short term recreation. Clarification, a motorhome is any self-powered unit.
12. We do not plow snow, plan ahead.
13. This agreement and prices are subject to change, if so you will be notified.
14. We reserve the right to relocate units as we deem necessary.
15. Absolutely nothing is allowed to be stored outside your unit. 

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